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Milly was the nicest girl I knew but she was a bit of a dare devil. I was a tiny bit jealous of her
ability to just go for it without fear and when I mean without fear, I mean without fear! She
could jump out of a plane (sky diving obviously) at the drop of a hat and bungee jump to decide
to cross the desert alone. She was known for total radical behavior that we all admired about
her. She asked me to back-pack with her around Australia and I thought she must be joking. I
said I would think about it but she didn’t take no for an answer.
Before I knew it I was all set to travel with her around Oz. Passport in hand, back-pack on my
shoulders, I was all set. We planned to go from Sydney to Perth. We were planning on buying a
car in Sydney and that’s exactly what we did do. We bought the cheapest banger we could find
that worked and basically that became our home for the next six months. We sold it after six
months because we decided we wanted to rough it the rest of the time, hitch-hiking etc. That
girl most certainly sharpened me up along the way! I remember we once had an argument
because she threw my empty Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics bottle out of the window and I was not a fan
of littering. An avid Vegetarian / environmentalist, she would always tell me to lighten up and I
would teach her about consequences. In a way we were a good fit! We spent quite a lot of time
in Byron Bay where Milly liked to Surf. I was a lie on a beach with a good book kind of girl while
she did the wild stuff!

One day I was lying on the beach whilst Milly was riding the waves and this old hippy came up to
me and said he could read eyes. I asked what he meant by reading eyes and he said he could tell
how good my health was and what my future looked like by looking into my eyes. I said alright
then, go for it. Turns out he was bleaming right ey! He said I had a current problem with my
right ear which I didn’t but the next day I started to feel a pain in it and it turns out I had an
infection in it. He told me that I had suffered with stomach problems as a kid and was prone to
headaches which was all true. He also told me that I would be soon meeting a guy and that me
and my friend would go separate ways. Well he wasn’t right on that one, I did meet a guy but he
joined us and I didn’t part ways with Millhouse, that’s what I used to call her! Probably because I
watched way to much Simpson’s growing up even though Milly was nothing like Millhouse from
the Simpsons.

Anyway he proceeded to tell me a few more things which have actually since come true, like
having Twins and moving back to Australia! Funny how these things work out huh!

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