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You Have The Right

The Right To Bare Arms is it worth it to carry that pistol around with you?

A big topic of conversation coming up these days is does the right to bare arms mean that we should have less or more gun restrictions in the United States of America2nd-amendmant . People make the argument that they can carry around there pistol because “ I have the right to bare arms” and that they can own it. Personally I don’t know if that is so bad. Where I feel like they are going to far though is when they say it should be super easy for any joe schmo to go into a gun store and say “ Hi I want a pistol” just like they would go to the register at CVS and be like “ Hi I want this pack of gum.” However, based on a history of people taking their pistol or any form of gun to shoot and commit acts of murder and other heinous crimes. With pistols and other fire arms we have had the shooting at Columbine, Virginia Tech and as recently as the Boston Massacre just a few years ago. If this is not a call for more regulated guns in the United States than what is. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying someone in a super dangerous neighborhood like Harlem or Newark shouldn’t get a pistol to defend themselves. No. Honestly they probably need it for safety in order to protect themselves, their family and everyone around them.However, this I believe does not and I repeat mean that there shouldn’t be gun restrictions. It is keeping the gun restrictions strong that will help us in making sure that everyone is properly protected. For those that have guns and those who do not it will, in the end help relieve everyone of the entire situation so they can use their pistol. However, by having stronger gun restrictions we can ensure the safety and security of everyone friends, family etc, when using your pistol or other form of fire arm, rifle, etc. this will help overall protect you and keep you safe. There are also several models of pistols and other firearms which you can use. Some of these firearms etc. may include any of the Glock models including the Glock2ndamendmentgunsafety_opt4_01 17, 19, 30 or the Kel Tect plr 16. Although here I mainly focused on pistols however, there are other weapons like rifles which you need to be extremely careful about. Besides for making sure not everyone just goes and buy pistols. If you have small children it is important to make sure that not just the pistol is on safety lock but is in super important that the pistol is locked preferably in a safe way in order to keep your children and all of those around nice, good and overall a lot safer than you were previously. As emphasized in the past, it is also important for you to make sure that you yes that’s right you are careful to be safe as possible when only you yourself and I handle your pistol.

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