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Making Your Bed When You Leave?

I have a question for you? When you stay at someone’s house overnight, do you strip the bed before you leave? Or do you make the bed? This has been a problem of mine for a long time. Who would make a bed without asking if you should? What do you think your hosts will do with your sheets when you leave? Do you think they will keep them on the bed for their next guest? Guess what? They want to wash the sheets.

I asked this question on one of my Facebook groups and I was so surprised to hear why people prefer the bed to be made. Some people said they have a cat, so they don’t want their cat ruining the mattresses and therefore prefer the sheets on right before their next guests come. Some also don’t want the sheets stripped because they don’t want them added to their already large pile of laundry. Another woman also said how she doesn’t like how the sheets end up in a ball that she later has to separate to put into the wash. She would rather do it herself.

I recently had guests over and they made their beds. I was shocked. I told them during the day that right when they leave I will need to strip their beds because I had more company coming. To my surprise, their beds were so nicely made. You’ve never seen someone more shocked than I was in that moment. Did they actually think I wanted the beds made? Well anyway, I have been to friends homes that ask me to make the beds instead of stripping them.

If you’re wondering, the correct way to deal with this as a guest is to ask the host if they want you to strip the beds or make them. It will probably take you less effort to strip a bed than to make it. In fact, I know it will! Don’t assume you know what your host wants. At my home though, I will always tell you to strip the beds. I don’t have any pets, a cleaning lady, or an overwhelming large pile of laundry. So what if I did? I don’t care about adding some sheets to the pile. I only have so many extra sheets. I can’t wait till my next guests come to throw those in the wash. I want them washed as soon as possible.

This whole concept really frustrates me, because there is less of a chance that your hosts will want you to make the bed. Most of the responses I got to my question were people agreeing to how crazy the concept is. I honestly don’t even know where the concept of making a bed when leaving your host’s home started? Why did it become the polite thing to do. Thank you for giving me more work. I am so excited to unmake this already made bed. I really appreciate it. The craziest response I got was from someone who said they make the bed when they check out of a hotel. What kind of crazy people are living in this world?

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