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I Need To Fix My Gas!!!

I have recently made the move to Israel from upstate New York. It seems like everyone I went to camp with or high school with lives here but that is beside the point. This isn’t the first time I am living on my own. The only new thing is that this country is not like America. In the states I rented a one room apartment and not only was the rent half what I pay now it also included appliances. In that apartment I had a stove and oven and refrigerator. I still had to go home now and again to do laundry but in general I had every appliance I needed to live a productive normal life. That all changed when I came to Israel. I settled in Jerusalem, Katamon specifically, and the life lessons were teaching me every day. The apartment I rented had an oven which had a gas stove attached but the gas didn’t work for some reason.


chula-vista-refrigerator-repairWithin the first week of moving to a new country and I was having issues. I had to call a repair man and quick. The nice thing about moving to this country is that there is a huge amount of resources that will help you find whatever it is you need. I used said resources to find a repairman. Appliance repair in this country is interesting because you need to know who you are calling and what they are qualified to do(at Efes Takalot you will get all you need in appliance and home repair in israel). The guy I called was some Israeli dude and within the first 5 minutes he told me in his broken English that he was a air conditioning repair man and doesn’t work with stoves. That didn’t mean the visit was free though and after that experience I learnt to ask as many questions as possible before telling a repair to come over. I found a company that repaired all appliances and they came over the next day. Turns out there was a building that was just built that severed our gas lines and they never fixed them so I was told that my stove was useless. What a bummer!
I bought an electric stove top because that was better than nothing. I should mention that at the same time the only refrigerator they provided was one of those small dorm room style ones. It worked for a while but soon I was in need of something bigger. In Israel you don’t buy new. You see it in the streets with the amount of old cars driving around and the same holds true with home appliances. I went on a second hand online shop and found a fridge for a hundred bucks. It works well and keeps my food cold, who could ask for anything more really… I have loved my experience here in Jerusalem Israel so far but there have been many times I have learnt the hard way about how things work here. You just have to wake up and put a smile on your face and know everything will work out in the end.

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