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The NRA And Guns

Much like anything in life, we humans are prone to making mistakes. It’s a common part of life that enables us to grow, learn and improve ourselves. While it may be true that mistakes are bound to happen at some point and that they should be viewed as learning curves rather than treated as a punishable act (of course, that depends on the mistake at hand), there is only so much room for error when it comes to gun ownership.The reality of guns are that they are basically death in mechanical form and when misused, can lead to serious ramifications such as  lawsuits, new bedding, linen or sheets and possibly even death.

So making a mistake once and learning from it i.e. never doing it again, is a sign that you might be a responsible gun owner, a decent citizen, a God-fearing man or woman and relatively smart. However, repeating the same mistakes are signs that you are not fit to carry a firearm and in the South, that basically means you’re a non-entity, an invalid or a cretin. Harsh as that may sound, these are the proud traditions of our slightly inbred people and they are to be upheld at all costs because they are sacred to us. It is written in Mark Chapter 2:5 that ‘He who commands a weapon, commands his destiny – and deserves better parking on weekends.’ It is not my bidding but that of our cosmic Landlord and Saviour Jesus. H. Christ and his ways are indeed greater than us. Gunivore is the only place you need to go to learn anything about guns with their amazing articles and reviews.

That being said, here are a few of the more common issues to look out for when it comes to owning, using, firing and naming a gun. It’s important to treat your weapon like your direct descendant, or a college league footballing son – with love, kindness, respect and smack on the head every now and then. It’s your duty as an American and if you’re part of the NRA and don’t recognize this, then don’t even make eye-contact with me at our next seminar, unless you brought parfet.

It’s a fact that every holiday season, Americans bought more guns than the previous holiday season. The FBI says they processed a record number of background checks on Black Friday (about 2 per second!), so it’s safe to say that some of you got a gun for Christmas. It’s also likely that some of you are brand new gun owners. Welcome to the club!

But before you run outside and start shooting your new gun like Ralphie on Christmas morning, there’s a few things you should know. First of all, I highly recommend you get some professional training. The NRA has nearly 100,000 instructors around the country. Use this form to choose a course and find a local instructor.

This is for your safety, the safety of others, and the reputation of gun owners in general. The last thing we need is another irresponsible gun owner accidentally shooting someone. News stories like that just give more ammo to the people who would like to ban guns altogether.

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You Have The Right

The Right To Bare Arms is it worth it to carry that pistol around with you?

A big topic of conversation coming up these days is does the right to bare arms mean that we should have less or more gun restrictions in the United States of America2nd-amendmant . People make the argument that they can carry around there pistol because “ I have the right to bare arms” and that they can own it. Personally I don’t know if that is so bad. Where I feel like they are going to far though is when they say it should be super easy for any joe schmo to go into a gun store and say “ Hi I want a pistol” just like they would go to the register at CVS and be like “ Hi I want this pack of gum.” However, based on a history of people taking their pistol or any form of gun to shoot and commit acts of murder and other heinous crimes. With pistols and other fire arms we have had the shooting at Columbine, Virginia Tech and as recently as the Boston Massacre just a few years ago. If this is not a call for more regulated guns in the United States than what is. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying someone in a super dangerous neighborhood like Harlem or Newark shouldn’t get a pistol to defend themselves. No. Honestly they probably need it for safety in order to protect themselves, their family and everyone around them.However, this I believe does not and I repeat mean that there shouldn’t be gun restrictions. It is keeping the gun restrictions strong that will help us in making sure that everyone is properly protected. For those that have guns and those who do not it will, in the end help relieve everyone of the entire situation so they can use their pistol. However, by having stronger gun restrictions we can ensure the safety and security of everyone friends, family etc, when using your pistol or other form of fire arm, rifle, etc. this will help overall protect you and keep you safe. There are also several models of pistols and other firearms which you can use. Some of these firearms etc. may include any of the Glock models including the Glock2ndamendmentgunsafety_opt4_01 17, 19, 30 or the Kel Tect plr 16. Although here I mainly focused on pistols however, there are other weapons like rifles which you need to be extremely careful about. Besides for making sure not everyone just goes and buy pistols. If you have small children it is important to make sure that not just the pistol is on safety lock but is in super important that the pistol is locked preferably in a safe way in order to keep your children and all of those around nice, good and overall a lot safer than you were previously. As emphasized in the past, it is also important for you to make sure that you yes that’s right you are careful to be safe as possible when only you yourself and I handle your pistol.

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The Glock 19 Accessories

In a place called Township Hills, Chicago, Illinois there lived a man named Dan Macintosh. Dan happened to live in one of the more dangerous parts of the neighborhood in inner city Chicago. To protect himself he made a decision that he was going to get a glock 19. While he was getting the glock 19 though he understood that it was also essential to, along with the glock 19 get all of the glock 19’s great accessories.
So Dan journeyed to the gun store to go and buy the glock19 and the glock19 accessories he went to the local gun store within the city. Nobody happened to be there. In turned out that the gun store was going through reservations. This meant he would have to find another place both to buy a glock 19 and glock 19 accessories reviewed by He opened his Iphone and asked Siri. “ Place to find glock 19 gun and glock 19 accessories.” Now this information was a little bit to much of an overload of information for Siri so Siri just redirected him to a different website with all the info he needed. He found an address of a gun store that someone posted on Google Answers seemed to say would have the glock 19 and glock 19 accessories which Dan was searching for. Dan didn’t know what to do though. Should he trust this Google group that he would’ve gotten this address info from? Sometimes this would get Dan what he needed and sometimes it wouldn’t. It was hard to know. So Dan decided better idea to call his friend Phil, a big advocate of having a gun, who had bought his own glock 19 and glock 19 accessories just a few weeks before, for some advice. Dan called Phil. The first time the call dropped. Two minutes later though Phil called Dan back. “ How are you Dan?” asked Phil as soon as Dan picked up. “ Doing great” said Dan. “ I was wondering though Phil” said Dan. “ Ya what is it?” said Phil. “ Do you know of any good stores were I can by a glock 19 and glock 19 accessories my wife and I are getting more nervous about our neighborhood and think it would be a good idea to buy them. I went to the gun store in midtown Detroit and couldn’t find anything.” “ Oh ya” replied Phil. “ There getting repaired right now there’s another one in Northville which should be only about a 20 minute drive from your apartment.” “ Cool” answered Dan. “ I’ll check that out thanks so much Phil that is where I’ll go to buy my glock 19 and glock 19 accessories.” “ No problem all the best” answered Phil. Phil then hang up. As soon as Phil hung up Dan turned on his car (we forgot to tell you he was still sitting in their at the time of the call) he then began to drive on a journey to get his glock19 and glock19 accessories.

Dan made it to the store and bought his glock19 and glock19 accessories to protect his family.

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