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I Need To Fix My Gas!!!

I have recently made the move to Israel from upstate New York. It seems like everyone I went to camp with or high school with lives here but that is beside the point. This isn’t the first time I am living on my own. The only new thing is that this country is not like America. In the states I rented a one room apartment and not only was the rent half what I pay now it also included appliances. In that apartment I had a stove and oven and refrigerator. I still had to go home now and again to do laundry but in general I had every appliance I needed to live a productive normal life. That all changed when I came to Israel. I settled in Jerusalem, Katamon specifically, and the life lessons were teaching me every day. The apartment I rented had an oven which had a gas stove attached but the gas didn’t work for some reason.


chula-vista-refrigerator-repairWithin the first week of moving to a new country and I was having issues. I had to call a repair man and quick. The nice thing about moving to this country is that there is a huge amount of resources that will help you find whatever it is you need. I used said resources to find a repairman. Appliance repair in this country is interesting because you need to know who you are calling and what they are qualified to do(at Efes Takalot you will get all you need in appliance and home repair in israel). The guy I called was some Israeli dude and within the first 5 minutes he told me in his broken English that he was a air conditioning repair man and doesn’t work with stoves. That didn’t mean the visit was free though and after that experience I learnt to ask as many questions as possible before telling a repair to come over. I found a company that repaired all appliances and they came over the next day. Turns out there was a building that was just built that severed our gas lines and they never fixed them so I was told that my stove was useless. What a bummer!
I bought an electric stove top because that was better than nothing. I should mention that at the same time the only refrigerator they provided was one of those small dorm room style ones. It worked for a while but soon I was in need of something bigger. In Israel you don’t buy new. You see it in the streets with the amount of old cars driving around and the same holds true with home appliances. I went on a second hand online shop and found a fridge for a hundred bucks. It works well and keeps my food cold, who could ask for anything more really… I have loved my experience here in Jerusalem Israel so far but there have been many times I have learnt the hard way about how things work here. You just have to wake up and put a smile on your face and know everything will work out in the end.

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The Glock 19 Accessories

In a place called Township Hills, Chicago, Illinois there lived a man named Dan Macintosh. Dan happened to live in one of the more dangerous parts of the neighborhood in inner city Chicago. To protect himself he made a decision that he was going to get a glock 19. While he was getting the glock 19 though he understood that it was also essential to, along with the glock 19 get all of the glock 19’s great accessories.
So Dan journeyed to the gun store to go and buy the glock19 and the glock19 accessories he went to the local gun store within the city. Nobody happened to be there. In turned out that the gun store was going through reservations. This meant he would have to find another place both to buy a glock 19 and glock 19 accessories reviewed by He opened his Iphone and asked Siri. “ Place to find glock 19 gun and glock 19 accessories.” Now this information was a little bit to much of an overload of information for Siri so Siri just redirected him to a different website with all the info he needed. He found an address of a gun store that someone posted on Google Answers seemed to say would have the glock 19 and glock 19 accessories which Dan was searching for. Dan didn’t know what to do though. Should he trust this Google group that he would’ve gotten this address info from? Sometimes this would get Dan what he needed and sometimes it wouldn’t. It was hard to know. So Dan decided better idea to call his friend Phil, a big advocate of having a gun, who had bought his own glock 19 and glock 19 accessories just a few weeks before, for some advice. Dan called Phil. The first time the call dropped. Two minutes later though Phil called Dan back. “ How are you Dan?” asked Phil as soon as Dan picked up. “ Doing great” said Dan. “ I was wondering though Phil” said Dan. “ Ya what is it?” said Phil. “ Do you know of any good stores were I can by a glock 19 and glock 19 accessories my wife and I are getting more nervous about our neighborhood and think it would be a good idea to buy them. I went to the gun store in midtown Detroit and couldn’t find anything.” “ Oh ya” replied Phil. “ There getting repaired right now there’s another one in Northville which should be only about a 20 minute drive from your apartment.” “ Cool” answered Dan. “ I’ll check that out thanks so much Phil that is where I’ll go to buy my glock 19 and glock 19 accessories.” “ No problem all the best” answered Phil. Phil then hang up. As soon as Phil hung up Dan turned on his car (we forgot to tell you he was still sitting in their at the time of the call) he then began to drive on a journey to get his glock19 and glock19 accessories.

Dan made it to the store and bought his glock19 and glock19 accessories to protect his family.

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Matrix Biolage Shampoo

Once upon a time there was a boy named George. In need of a new shampoo George went to the local corner drugstore and bought a standard sized bottle of Matrix Biolage Shampoo (reviewed by Maple Holistics) . Now why would George buy this type of shampoo, Matrix Biolage Shampoo, over others is probably the first question most people would be asking about this purchase of George’s and if not I’ll tell you a little bit why. You see George’s hair had often dried out so he needed a shampoo that could properly treat this. A few weeks after this George found a shampoo that could successfully rid his hair of dryness Matrix Biolage and decided this would be his shampoo. Before buying matrix biolage shampoo though George wanted to be extra careful that matrix biolage was really all he could’ve ever dreamed for in a shampoo. So he did a little bit more research on this shampoo the internet being his primary resource (which is most people’s main resource these days for just about anything for all of those in the previous generation still figuring this out). So George looked across the world wide web and found out that Matrix Biolage also made shampoos made with bonus beauty matrix-biolage1benefits for second day oil control and additional fullness for the shampoo too. Now here is another fun fact about George. George was one of these guys, although he wasn’t super hippieish was a big proponent of using more natural products out there. He was amazed to learn that Matrix Biolage shampoos contained an array of some of the most natural oils and other biolageingredients out there. For example Matrix Biolage’s main ingredients include coconut oil, which is able to go deep into your hair and effectively combine with other ingredients in the nourish range to give your hair shine, strength, and a lot of softness. Some of the other more natural ingredients include sunflower seed oil, coconut or palm oil, synthetic man made materials, grapes, palm and rapeseed oil, minerals, soybean oil, coriander seed, kiwi grapefruit, orange blossom pollen, brassica plant, Japanese oak charcoal, quinoa husk, goji berry, mushrooms, fermentative minerals, rice, wheat, yucca, potato starch, olives, and a whole array of other natural ingredients out there. These were what got George going. Three years past and George continued to use Matrix Biolage. Matrix Biolage seemed to accompany him through his various stages of life. When he had initially done the research to see if he should buy Matrix Biolage George had been a junior in highschool and he started using matrix biolage the summer before he started his senior year. After graduated highschool George decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania were he again would use his matrix biolage on a daily basis when we would take a shower following an intramural basketball game at the gym there. After graduating from Penn Matrix Biolage followed George once again to New York City where he started working in Consulting at a small consulting firm in the heart of Manhattan.

George continued to use the shampoo. George could easily be you so try out Matrix Biolage and see if it is for you too!

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